Mixing and Mastering Services


Have you produced or recorded the perfect track? Is the sound quality questionable? Not quite there? Perhaps it’s in need of  a professional quality mastering, before it can be unleashed to the world.

A mastered track isn’t just about it being as loud as it can possibly be, without distortion kicking in. Each stem needs individual attention and love, to get it sounding as clean as it is meant to be. The bass might have too many low frequencies. Lower mids might create a muddy feeling. The highs perhaps aren’t sharp enough to give it that final crispy polish.

Throughout my 15 years of experience in this music industry, I too have once relied on someone else to master my music. Now I am able to provide this skill, helping artists to achieve the best sound quality of the final product prior to release.

Check out my video below demonstrating the difference between a pre-mastered and post mastered track.

Interested in having your track mastered? Drop me an email at mastering@thomasdatt.com for further details.