Polish born, NY based Thomas Datt, has been a name synonymous with quality trance music since 2003. From his early remixes, to his breakout hits “2v2” and “Alone”, Datt continues to pump out some of the most emotive music going. His signature sounds range all the way from Chill Out and Ambient, to Progressive, Uplifting, and Psychedelic.

In 2009 Datt’s single “Mass Effect” was released to critical acclaim as it became Tune Of The Month in Mixmag. The following year Datt’s release “Phoenix Burn” picked up heavy support while also making it on the “Anjunabeats Worldwide 02″ compilation. Shortly after, his release of “Seven Years”, under the alias Asedo, was picked up by Above & Beyond and included in “Anjunabeats Volume 8″. His uncanny success didn’t stop here, and the momentum of Datt’s unequaled production prowess even scored him a spot on Armin van Buuren’s ASOT 2011, and Max Graham’s “Cycles 2” with a track he co-produced with Robert Nickson called “Godless”.

2012 saw the release of Datt’s first artist album, “Picking Up The Pieces“. Ten years in the making, the album was critically acclaimed and beloved by many. Not only was it “Album Of The Month” in Mixmag, but considered by many as “Album Of The Year”. A truly emotional, powerful, and legitimate trance experience. Two years later, Datt started work on an experimental musical journey, which delved into the world of ambient and cinematic sounds. The album titled “Inside The Glacier” was an experience like no other. A journey of the soul. This work of art surprised many, as they fully understood who Thomas Datt was.

Thomas Datt’s Chronicles radio show has been running for 11 years. It has amassed a very loyal and passionate fanbase, which has grown ever since the show moved to Digitally Imported. The Chronicles brand is a perfectly put together formula, which includes a very broad spectrum of trance sounds ranging from Ambient, all the way to the Psychedelic. The concept was taken live, as Datt had his very first and successful Open To Close experience, which moved the masses and all listeners alike.

Most recently Datt saw huge success with his spiritually backed tracks “Prana Flow” (Beatport Trance top 10) and “The Psychonaut” (Beatport Psy top 7), both released on Jordan Suckley’s Damaged. While also becoming one of Chicane’s favorite artists, Datt was asked to create an updated chilled experience of the classic “Offshore”, which was released to much success and love from the fans. Currently the genre blending artist seeks to uplift the human race, while also raising the vibration of the mass consciousness through love and sound.