1.Mike Hennessy – Fragments
2.Martin Graff – Ghana
3.Coldplay – Midnight (Joshua Ollerton Bootleg)
4.EDU – For The Heart
5.Cabriolet Paris – Lagos
6.Akihiro Ohtani – Biotope (D05 Remix)
7.Envotion – Still Here – (Dub Mix)
8.Davoud – Canis Majoris (D&Z Remix)
9.Lange & Betsie Larkin – Insatiable (Sean Tyas Remix)
10.Vadim Zhukov – Moscow Morning (Ultimate Remix)
11.Ferry Tayle feat. Erica Curran – Rescue Me
12.Lee Osborne – Rise
13.Driftmoon – Bittersweet (Temple One Remix)
14.The Thrillseekers with York and Asheni – Daydream (Will Atkinson Dreamy Remix)
15.Airborn – Wonderland
16.Peetu S – Protective Custody
17.Orion – Dark Side Of The Spoon
18.Zyce & Talpa – Rip & Sweet
19.Liam Wilson & Phil Taylor – Tressilate (Sebastian Brandt Remix)
20.Symphonic Vs Nok – 7am (Astrix Remix)
21.Harmonic Rush – Complicated (Indecent Noise Remix)
22.Static Movement Vs Cyrus The Virus – Static Virus
23.James Dymond – Just Let Me Be (Active Limbic System Remix)