Mixmag – “14 tracks of exceptional musicality…  Album Of The Month.  9/10″


Electronic Night Life – “Picking Up The Pieces is a light in the darkened world of trance music… the modern ideal of pure trance…  9/10”


Fight The Daylight“A musical poem that ebbs and flows with tension, slowly building over the course of 78 minutes…  Album Of The Year.  5/5”


Global Digital DJs – “a work worthy of being called an album… modern masterpiece… 5/5


The Beat Mill – “Creates a feeling, a memory, and a vision. It doesn’t invoke a sense of dancing but rather reflection…  I felt the songs not just heard them…  truly a unique listening experience…”


USTM – “Album comes through emotional travels and self-discovery…  calls for a pause and some deep-self reflection…  feels like the listener has reached a new plateau…”